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Balloon Art Therapy For Adults

In today's fast-paced environment, fostering wellness, engagement, and creativity is more vital than ever. That's why we're thrilled to introduce Balloon Art Therapy for adults—a dynamic workshop guaranteed to infuse your workplace or retreats with a delightful blend of creativity, engagement and fun. 

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Who is the workshop for? 

Our workshops are ideal for employers seeking to provide their employees with a fun, engaging, and interactive experience. They're perfect for:


  • Team-building workshops

  • Special events

  • Staff appreciation days

  • Perfect add-on to retreats

  •  Festivities

  • Holidays

  • Community events and expos


We Offer

Discover our range of workshop options designed to cater to your preferences, offering three unique experiences to choose from:

Group Collaboration: Our group balloon workshops foster teamwork and collaboration as participants work together to create stunning balloon creations. These creations can be proudly displayed at your facility, serving as a visual reminder of the collective creativity of your team. 


Take home creation: In-depth, hour-long sessions where participants receive continuous support from our skilled balloon stylist. Each attendee gets to take home their creation at the end of the workshop - a cherished keepsake of your experience. 

Express Lane Creations: Short on time? Our mini session workshops provide quick, step-by-step instructions for crafting specific balloon creations. perfect for events with tight schedules. Participants would have the opportunity to create something at our booth and take it home with them. All supplies are conveniently provided for your crafting convenience.

Concerned about latex allergies? We're happy to accommodate latex-free sessions upon request.


Our workshops feature premium-grade,

bio-degradable balloons

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Why Hire Us?

Fun and Engaging: Say goodbye to dull team-building activities! Our workshops offer a refreshing and enjoyable experience that will leave your staff wanting to do this again!


Fun-filled Retreats: Add an element of fun and excitement to your retreats by incorporating balloon art therapy sessions into your itinerary, leaving attendees feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Creative Team Building: What better way to encourage teamwork and collaboration than by creating beautiful balloon designs together? Our workshops provide a unique opportunity for your team to bond while unleashing their creativity.


Customized Experience: We tailor each workshop to fit your team's unique needs, incorporating your company's logos, colors, and branding for a personalized touch.

Interactive: Our hands-on workshops ensure that every participant is actively involved, fostering a sense of participation and accomplishment among your staff.


Memorable Experience: Unlike traditional team-building activities, a balloon workshop offers a memorable experience that employees are likely to reminisce about and bond over long after the event concludes.


Brand Awareness: Customizing balloon designs to reflect company branding or logos can help reinforce brand identity and increase brand awareness both internally among employees and externally with clients or customers.


Networking Opportunities: Hosting a balloon workshop may attract participants from other organizations or industry professionals, providing valuable networking opportunities and potential collaborations beyond the workplace.


Improves Employee Engagement: Hosting engaging and interactive activities like balloon workshops can improve employee morale and job satisfaction, contributing to the company's goal of enhancing employee engagement and retention.


Promotes Company Culture: Incorporating fun and creative events like balloon workshops into the workplace helps reinforce the company's values and culture, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.


Boosts Employee Well-Being: Providing employees with opportunities for creative expression and stress relief through balloon workshops promotes overall well-being, contributing to the company's goal of supporting employee health and happiness. 


Meet Brenda, the creative force behind our transformative Balloon Art Therapy workshops. With a diverse background in recreation therapy, balloon artistry, and energy healing, Brenda brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to every session.

As a seasoned recreation therapist and the proud owner of Party Balloons Hamilton, Brenda has dedicated years to bringing joy and enrichment to diverse communities, particularly within long-term care settings. Now, she's on a mission to extend her impact through Balloon Art Therapy, combining her love for fun and therapy into one dynamic workshop.

With a deep understanding of the therapeutic benefits of creative expression, mindfulness, and holistic healing, Brenda designs workshops that offer participants a meaningful and enjoyable experience. 

With Brenda's guidance, participants are welcomed into a supportive and nurturing environment where they can freely express themselves and discover the creativity within themselves.  

Brenda is super excited to get the opportunity to make an impact in our community with the launch of her new workshop- Balloon Art Therapy for adults.

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We Service: 
Hamilton - Stoney Creek- Ancaster - Dundas- Grimsby-Brampton - Caled
onia - Hagersville - Burlington - Niagara Falls - Brampton - Mississauga - Oakville - Brantford - Toronto
Please note that an additional mileage fee applies to bookings.


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